"Aku menulis bukan kerana nama"

Kes Mat Sabu di Mahkamah Majistret Jawi II..

3 perkara menarik didalam perbicaraan semalam..

1. Saksi pendakwa bersetuju bahawa penangkapan Hj. Mohamad bin Sabu adalah tanpa waran.

2. Saksi pendakwa bersetuju bahawa beliau tidak tahu apakah kesalahan Hj. Mohamad bin Sabu.

3. Saksi pendakwa juga bersetuju bahawa penangkapan Hj. Mohamad bin Sabu adalah tidak logik.

(Saksi pendakwa – anggota polis yang terlibat didalam penangkapan tersebut)

Perbicaraan ditangguhkan ketarikh 18 Mei hingga 20 Mei 2010.


9 Responses to “Kes Mat Sabu di Mahkamah Majistret Jawi II..”

  1. BEIRUT: Although it probably passed you by, Lebanon was one of many countries to experience an earthquake this week.

    A quake registering 3.8 on the Richter Scale hit 50 kilometers off the coast of Sidon at just after 2:30 Tuesday morning. No damage was reported and, according to Ata Elias, assistant professor at the American University of Beirut’s (AUB) Department of Geology, it was in no way related to recent larger tremors.

    “The earthquake that happened off the coast of Sidon was very small,” he told students at AUB Thursday.

    Already in 2010, huge earthquakes have killed thousands of people and caused billions of dollars worth of damage in Haiti, Chile and most recently Turkey. Elias was keen to point out these tremors were not part of a wider trend of earth movements:

    “These have nothing to do with our faults. There are on very different faults and not related,” he said.

    But that’s where the good news ended.

    The eastern Mediterranean basin lies next to the boundary between African and Arabian tectonic plates, forming one of the most volatile seismic regions on earth.

    “The Mediterranean has lots of earthquakes … especially the eastern Mediterranean because this area is surrounded by major faults,” Elias said.

    Lebanon is particularly vulnerable to tremors; it is bisected by the Yammouneh fault and Mount Lebanon Thrust fault lines, which produce hundreds of minute shocks a year.

    “Earthquakes happen everywhere and everyday in Lebanon,” Elias said.

    Most of these are too small for concern – around 1,000 times weaker than the last major quake to strike Lebanon, in 1759 at a magnitude of 7.4, which killed tens of thousands of people. In 1956, the 5.7M Chim earthquake caused loss of life and significant material damage.

    Scientists believe that a colossal quake occurred off the coast of Lebanon in 551, producing a tsunami that razed Beirut to the ground.

    Elias and Abdel-Rahman, professor and chairperson at AUB’s Department of Geology, warned that another earthquake of this magnitude could occur any day.

    “The Yammouneh fault produces major earthquakes about every 1,000 years; the Mount Lebanon Thrust every 1,500 to 1,750 years. But we can have earthquakes before and after these dates and that’s the only scientific account we can give of a possibility of earthquakes in the area,” Elias said.

    “In other words, if we learn that there was a large magnitude earthquake [in 551], we are expecting one with a similar magnitude around now,” Rahman added.

    “Obviously we cannot do to much predicting. We still cannot predict to any reasonable degree when an earthquake will happen.”

    Elias said that the current lull in major earthquakes in Lebanon was not uncommon, nor did it mean the area’s seismic activity had ceased. “The fact that today we are not witnessing major earthquakes is not unusual, but it tells us that maybe the stress is loading … and a major earthquake will happen. Maybe we are close to the end of a seismic cycle,” he said.

    It is a danger humans in Lebanon have faced since the first inhabitants of the Fertile Crescent – even the architects at Baalbek’s Temple of Bacchus designed its keystone to withstand seismic activity – and Elias said it was each homeowner’s responsibility to ensure modern buildings could stand up to future jolts.

    “It’s up to everyone among us to check whether their house is well built or not,” he said.

    He added that Lebanon’s seven seismic activity monitor centers made it one of the best placed countries in the region to come up with viable methods of reducing earthquake-induced damage.

  2. Day after another, the United States spares no effort to incite against the Resistance in Lebanon and seek to direct Lebanese people against their “brothers”…

    On Thursday for instance, US Vice President Joe Biden didn’t hesitate to express his “love” to Israel and expressed fears because the Resistance in Lebanon was a “threat” to the Zionist entity. And to complete the “scenario,” he called for the implementation of the international resolution 1701 with the “aim” of “disarming” Hezbollah!

    In the same day, the United States a new report on “human rights” in Lebanon, a report in which the American “democracy” would find easy to criticize Lebanon because it didn’t succeed in disarming Hezbollah, in a complete harmony with Biden and his Israeli friends’ aims.

    According to the report, UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions 1559 and 1701 call upon the government to take effective control of all Lebanese territory and disarm “militia” groups, including Hezbollah.

    The report goes on to claim that despite the presence of Lebanese and UN security forces, “Hezbollah retained significant influence over parts of the country, and the government made no tangible progress toward disbanding and disarming armed militia groups,” in a clear reference to the American “discomfort” at the national-unity government in Lebanon.

    The report also claimed that although the country held parliamentary elections international observers deemed generally free and fair, there were limitations on the right of citizens to change their government peacefully.

    The American critiques also targeted the security forces. “Security forces arbitrarily arrested and detained individuals. Torture of detainees remained a problem, as did poor prison conditions, lengthy pretrial detention, and long delays in the court system. The government violated citizens’ privacy rights, and there were some restrictions on freedoms of speech and press, including intimidation of journalists. The government suffered from corruption and lack of transparency. There were limitations on freedom of movement for unregistered refugees,” the report said.

    While noting the intimidation generated by a series of unresolved political assassinations by unidentified assailants beginning in 2004, the report, of course, didn’t pay attention to the Israeli daily threats against the country and to the Israeli spying networks discovered throughout the whole country…

    Yes, in the US, nothing is politically motivated!

  3. Tell him to call on Human rights in the starved gaza strip & the occupied west bank. ask biden to revise israel’s “break the bone” policy against palestineans which is still in effect. back in the day i used to say: how hypocritical of the US. Now i bluntly think “how rude, arrogant & inhuman” those people are! how bout human right concerns in secret CIA prison installations in eastern europe (where countries still legally apply torture to their subjects). but you’re talkin to warlords who make money warfare!

  4. Who can ever point the finger about “human rights abuses” in this world? Even the US govt knows of their own human rights abuses. They just know not many other govts will call a spade a spade. Actually, Americas human rights abuses go way back against the Indians and blacks and in the 1860’s when the tyrant Lincoln unleashed his war criminals, Grant, Sherman, Sheridan etc, on his own southern Americans. Not only soldiers but civilians were targeted to end the “civil war”. They just know how to make others look the other way when they perpetrate their crimes. This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black… and knowing it.

  5. The Muslims are harrassed left and right by government agencies. Anyone who opposes or can prove the fallacy of European superiority is a terrorist. All strong men like Tarzan, all super heros, all patriots are white european men occasionally a black man might make a presence as atoken. Genocide of local population, known in US as “INDIANS” even though the poor souls never were in India, some might have not even heard of India.

  6. merasakan salah di sudut politik dan akhlak untuk seorang islam mengatakan bahawa jika di hadapkan dengan 2 pilihan antara komunis dan umno, maka ia akan memilih kominis berbanding umno….sepatutnya dibuat perumpamaan lain YANG LEBIH SESUAI berbanding menggunakan komunis sebagai satu perbandingan………fikir2kan

  7. Pemimpin hangpa tak sihat. Nak buat macam mana, orang Melayu Pulau Pinang yg Pas Pus tak nak umno nak masuk komunis pulak. Baik hangpa semua masuk Dap baru senang KM LGEng nak tadbir hal ehwal orang Islam Pulau Pinang. Kah kah kah. Iman susah di cari. Mampuih umno.

  8. bila pemimpin buat salah, rakyat tegur, ulang lagi kita rakyat bagi pedang……..itu asas islam…..aku cuba laksanakan asa2 islam tu setakat yang terdaya aku…..islam deen ul nasihah…..kalau la ada org pas yang masuk DAP mcm yang hang sarankan…..hang tanggung la dosa bersama……

    (keluhan mat karkoon-pasti)
    bukan ku cari harta bertimbun…..
    aku cari iman sahabi nabi…………
    namun tak kunjung bertemu……..

    insaflah mat karkoon

  9. sebenarnya aku rasa tersentuh akan peristiwa perbicaraan mat sabu di jawi,apa yang nak aku katakan bagai mana kukuh nya hati seorang pemimpin berpegang pada janji apa bila ia tidak bergerak walaupun cermin kereta nya di pecah.kalau hampa nak tahu apa janji itu datanglah memberi sokogan dihari perbicaraan 18.5 .2010 nanti syukkkkk.walaupun sudah lanjut usia perjuangan nya mahu melihat malaysia memjadi negara rakyat patuh pada perintah allah terus di perjuanggkan walau pun rakan2 nya lari sorang demi seorang kerana tak mampu menghadapinya,dan aku juga bangga kerana okt semuanya mempuyai istiqamah perjuangan yang tinggi,walaupun kehidupan tidak sesenag mana.begitu juga semagat peguam2 yang kuat semagat perjuangan walaupun tidah di upah dengan wang ringgit.allah huakbar

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